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Hi! Thanks for popping by! My name is Stefanie and I'm a former ECE, handmade tent maker and the dreamer behind Pop Up Party.

We have helped hundreds of families celebrate their big moments and we can't wait to help you celebrate too!

I get a lot of questions about how we got here, so here it goes!

When I was in my early stages of adulting, I moved out west to with a great guy who would soon become my husband. Adam worked for a large power tool company and travelled a lot so I found myself alone ALL THE TIME with a garage full of tools and no friends. I started playing around, and soon fell in love with creating things with my hands. Looking back on those days, I’m so glad to still have all of my fingers. Thanks Mr. Denny (my grade 7 shop teacher) - something you taught must have stuck! I’ve spent most of my career working with children which I also love. I love the way kids see things, how much wonder they find in the everyday. I always wanted to be around that kind of energy.

As time went on, we decided to move back to Ontario with our 2 awesome kids (Stefan and Alivia), where we bought a fixer upper.

As a young family starting out, I quickly realized that my design tastes FAR exceeded my design budget so I would do many projects in our home myself to save money.

Late one night while on a Pinterest binge looking for inspiration for my next project, I came across an Australian company who specialized in slumber parties for kids. I was so amazed. What a magical way to have a first sleepover with friends! I immediately went searching around the web to see if someone was offering the service here so I could throw an amazing slumber party for my daughter. I hit a roadblock. No one was doing it... I started to wonder if maybe I should! The opportunity to combine my passion for creating and my love of children into a career seemed like the greatest gift. Pop Up Party was born, and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else!


Stefanie Moneypenny
Creative Director
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