Been a while since I popped in! We’ve ju

Hi!  I'm Stefanie, creative director for Pop Up Party. 

Pop Up Party was born out of frustration that there was very little in our town to do for children's special events (birthdays, graduations, milestones).   Often when we received party invitations, they were for pricey, out of town venues which can be inconvenient, hectic and not personal.  We were inspired by the parties of our childhoods that were held at home!  We created Pop Up Party to assist time strapped families host unique and magical parties for their children with limited investment of time and money.  Our Pop Up Slumber Parties and Canopy Sleepovers are all in one solutions to the question "What am I going do with all these kids?".  We design, deliver, set-up the perfect party and take it away when you are through. Please stay tuned to this spot, we are constantly coming up with new and unique ways to celebrate. 

I'm excited to share what's next, thanks for popping by.

Stefanie Moneypenny
Creative Director