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COVID-19-The Grinch That Stole Birthdays (and How We're Going To Get Them Back)!

Flash back to a simpler time! Hard to believe this photo was taken just six months ago. So much has changed in the way we can celebrate and even communicate! It's been a tough couple of weeks, this self-isolation is both challenging and mind numbingly not challenging at the same time.

We have been keeping busy so far. Lots of organizing, putting things into storage and crushing childrens spirits...ok, maybe the last thing is a bit dramatic but, no one wants to cancel a kids birthday party, let alone 20...even when for all the right reasons. Most of my clients have chosen to postpone their slumber parties, instead of cancel, which is great. It'll be nice to have something to look forward to when all this craziness has passed! Many clients have asked when a good time to reschedule their sleepover and I really don’t have an answer. We have shut down until at least May 1, we hope that we will be able to start having children's parties again at that time but, we really don’t know. The news is moving so fast and there are changes every day. No doubt we are all hoping that we are going to take care of this bully called COVID-19 in the near future but, most experts are predicting this to drag out a bit. It will be a challenging time for everyone. One idea that has come up a couple times is that affected kids celebrate ½ birthdays for this year. I think I like it. My son was born late December, between family commitments and hockey tournaments, it was nearly impossible for him to find time to celebrate with his friends. The idea of having a ½ birthday in June sounds pretty cool! No, that doesn’t mean double presents, just a celebration with some buddies to recognize that he had taken another trip (and a half) around the sun. Having a celebration in June instead of December would have opened up a whole new world of activities. I could also have gotten him his favourite ice cream cake without getting strange looks because it was -30 outside. It might be something to think about! Gosh, I sure hope this is all over in 6 months and we can get back to a little normalcy. I really hope you are all doing well, and if you or your child has a birthday during this time, I hope it is magical (albeit unconventional). Later today, I’ll be sharing some awesome ideas I've been collecting about how to have a great birthday while isolating. We can do this! Miss you all. Stay well everyone!

Peace. Love. Tents.

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